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Let’s be honest about price.

We need to let you know where a bit different about price, reason being we are looking to work with our customers for the long term.

So, we investigated what small and medium sized businesses prefer when it comes to price, and this was what we were told;
1. Prefer to work by project to a fixed budget
2. Like to have an hourly rate option
3. Know all the known costs up-front
4. When your a proven supplier we will look to longer term contracts

With this information we decided that we would listen to what you think about pricing and we would make sure we can offer a range of services that cater to these options. So, we have! We will provide your business with plain English Pricing and no hidden surprises with the work we do together.

However we agree to work with one another, if we are right for each other, we are determined to have real commitment with you, our customer.

Integrati will engage with your business to understand what drives you and your customers. To understand your needs and build marketing solutions that creates demand for your business. We can do this together by ultimately knowing your customer.

We also both know, that relationships take time, and that is a key understanding of ours. We are prepared to take the time to listen to you about your company, to learn what makes your business special. Then we can agree to work together to make great marketing outcomes for your business with no surprises along the way.

How would that work?

Well, as the tools such as; direct mail, landing pages, email, websites, social networking, campaign reporting, and many more direct marketing tools are now in the reach of virtually any business at a reasonable rate of investment.

This is a huge shift in how the world of small business operates today, particularly in Advertising and Marketing. Integrati believes that we are on the verge of a massive renaissance with small business in Australia. The difference is that small businesses will compete with more effective customer services and relevant marketing than larger companies that exist today.

The reason is that, these tools are lower in cost than traditional forms of advertising like TV, Radio, Newspapers and the Yellow Pages, but extremely high quality when combined with a great marketing and business strategy. The skill is integrating them together for maximum effect for your business. And that is exactly what Integrati Marketing love to do!

Well, if you have gotten this far, you must be interested in about us and how we may be able help you and your business. So, why not talk to us about your project? Even if you just have a question about online marketing for your project, we would be happy to answer your questions and discuss your project with you. Contact Us.