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About Us – Integrati Marketing

Hi, and welcome to Integrati Marketing, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Integrati Marketing Consulting  is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Integrati Marketing team are passionate about Integrated Marketing Communications and marketing on the Internet. We love our work, and in fact, we actually have fun working to deliver the best solutions to clients. So, we don’t see what we do as ‘work’ as we love to have fun!

Integrati Marketing, started life as all companies do initially as a ‘seed idea’.  That, ‘seed idea’ was to be able to provide true integrated marketing communication programmes to small, medium sized business but without the exorbitant costs associated with large traditional marketing agencies.

Importantly, for your business Integrati Marketing talks in plain English. We know from research that small businesses are becoming more sophisticated, faster moving, and more competitive than ever before.  And importantly do not have the time or need to understand the specialist language of Advertising and Marketing. That is why part of our culture is to talk in plain English not in marketing jargon or MBA style waffle. We are here to deliver for you. Simple really.

That is why Integrati Marketing has the Plain English and Plain English Pricing policy. We will keep it honest, straight forward and let you know all the known costs up front in easy to understand language.

Why are you called Integrati Marketing?

Well we will be really honest with you, when we first had the idea to create a customer focused marketing company we knew we wanted to provide integrated marketing solutions to our customers. We also wanted to register our company name using ‘integrated’.

Well of course that company name and domain was long gone and on reflection we thought that ‘integrated’ whilst meaningful, sounded a bit plain. So, we chose Integrati, which means integrated in Italian! The name Integrati gave us a much more passionate feeling in the name and brand to be Integrati Marketing!

That is also why we chose the infinity logo as a symbol of how important closing the ‘communications loop’ with all your prospects and customers. By maintaining ongoing discussion with your best prospects and your best customers your business can attract and retain more valuable customers over time. By closing the loop your keeping those valuable customers with your business longer than the competition. So that is how we chose our name and what we believe in as professional marketing service consultancy.

Thank you, for taking the time to read about us at Integrati Marketing.

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About Integrati Marketing:
Integrati Marketing Consulting are specialists in integrated marketing communications for Small Medium Business. Integrati Marketing help SMB’s to engage their target market, create demand, and gain customer insight to create value with proven integrated marketing techniques. Learn more about our services.