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Australia Post are they the next Internet victim?

It has started, in the USA of course with verified digital mail, now it is only time before…

Australia Post logo

The death of postal mail has long been in discussion since the Internet first kicked off in the early 1990’s. Well we all know that change even one as rapid as the Internet is not necessarily as fast offline as it is online. Sixteen years later and we are now starting to see some of the effects of the digitisation of mass and 1-2-1 communications. We have already seen the rapid decline of print with Newspapers and Directories now it is Australia Posts turn.

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Got Google Tracking Code? Is it tracking all your pages though?

Quick Tip: Scan your website for FREE to check your GA tracking

We have come across this great tip which can help you to check that your site and all of the pages in your site are set up correctly with Google Analytics.

The Offer provides a scan of the 1st 100 pages for free and after that you would have to pay for the service. But that is a service well worth it if you want to make sure your site is tracking correctly in Google Analytics.

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Follow That Customer!

The Event-Driven Marketing Handbook

A few months back now I caught up with an ex-colleague of mine from Procter and Gamble when I was working in FMCG marketing in Europe.

I was keen to hear what Ed had been doing the last couple of years and was pleased to hear that he had continued to improve his skills as a very successful CRM Consultant and Direct Marketer. In fact, Ed had been very busy indeed with a new venture Failsafe and had also recently completed an epic task of writing what we think will be a key marketing text for direct marketers for the next decade.

Ed Sander has teamed up with Egbert Jan Van Bel and Alan Weber to deliver a great discourse about the evolving world of one to one marketing through to CRM and now the holy grail of Event Driven Marketing.

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PadiCode ~ helping business with real online insight services

PadiCode is a company that can and 2011 will be a big year for PadiCode!

PadiCode logo

We have been following the developments at PadiCode for quite sometime and we like what we see.

The PadiCode team are a truly interesting bunch being an international team of experts in Web Analytics, Coding and Web Design. They have an approach which is open and humble and we love there company’s choice in name coming from a Malay proverb which is…

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