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Making your marketing promotions as easy as Childsplay!

Marketing promotions made easy with Childsplay Marketing

Integrati Marketing believe that great marketing can be achieved by Small Medium Business, we know it is possible, it is all about accessing the right tools. We’re here to help you access them.

Great marketing really comes down to understanding your customer, your products benefits and how your service and offering is superior to the competition. But a little help with creating great marketing promotions in a few easy steps is a great way to help your business speed up the marketing promotions process and planning.

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Get your customer dialogue on – Zopim it!

Let’s talk! live, here and now on your own site with Zopim.

We’re trialing!

We have just started our trial of Zopim after being referred to Zopim by a highly respected Partner of ours Genroe, thank you Adam!

Well it is early days yet but the dashboard and the information which Zopim provides is very insightful to say the least. Even better as we run the WordPress CMS we were able to use the Zopim plugin

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The New Google now with Caffeine

The new Google search index now with Google Caffeine

There has been much discussion and consternation amongst the ‘Weberati’ about the new search index from Google called Caffeine.

Concerns have been raised about the impact on static content and SEO optimising strategies. With the release of the new search index which is over 100 million gigabytes of storage and grows at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. It is absolutely massive. And yet the improvements mean that it is actually faster. Quite a feat indeed.

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