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Integrati Marketing on Business Victoria

Integrati Marketing Consulting tools on Business Victoria

Business Victoria

We love to share! So much so that when Business Victoria asked if we would share our marketing templates on the Business Victoria site we of course said “Yes!”.

Integrati Marketing are on the Business Victoria site in the Business Plans and Checklists section, which as they say suggest can help you plan with templates without having to waste time working out what works.

We think the services which Business Victoria provide are invaluable to start-up companies, Small and Medium business. Have a look and see how you can improve your business with free expert advice and templates.

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Marketing and Business Planning Season

Marketing and Business Planning Season in Australia

The Strategic Marketing Plan for your marketing planning in Australia’s annual planning season.

The month of May kicks off ‘planning season’ every time this year businesses in Australia start their annual Business and Marketing Planning. This is due to a focus on fresh budgets with the end of financial year (EOFY) and an opportunity to review your business performance with marketing goals and objectives to the businesses financial outcomes and targets. So what sort of planning do you use or need?

What planning tools are right for your business?

No two businesses are alike even when they compete in the same industry. And with this obvious difference comes a point, all businesses plan differently and all have different ideas about what they include in their businesses planning.

We know that some Small and Medium businesses do take planning seriously and work through what they want to achieve on a regular basis. So to help business like this we have created the Strategic Marketing Plan – template to help your business further improve your marketing planning.

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What the is that?

What the is that? a URL shortening service with Puffatude!

Love sharing, love social, we love it tracks our sharing for free!

Social Media Marketing, there are so many options at present it is mind boggling all the different online tools and services which you can integrate into your marketing. We know that Twitter has gone exponential and businesses on the whole have been engaging with Social Media – it is a great way to build and maintain customer conversations and relationships, it is also importantly quite a personal conversation as well.

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Kiva, why we give back.

Why we give back a share of our profits

The team at Integrati Marketing Consulting believe in self determination and the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to change lives. This is why we love Kiva’s work!

We are new supporters to Kiva in the last two months but what we love about the Kiva concept is the notion of micro-finance as a tool too empower people to build better lives without the need of the United Nations or the large traditional so called Not For Profit groups.

The Kiva principle is simple send money from ethical investors like you and me looking to help people improve their lives by starting up small businesses. The difference is that the people we are sending money too do not have access to ‘traditional’ banks and institutions. This is where the micro-finance comes in and the work of Muhammad Yunus, by providing credit to communities where they would not have been in the past able to access funds readily, and when they did it was through highly unethical loan sharks.

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