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What to write on your blog? How about trying Skribit!

Ahh no… writers block! Now you can cure writers block with Skribit!

Learn how here.

All bloggers and writers have writers block from time-to-time it is a curse that has been with us since the written word was first published!

Well we now have the cure at hand, it is a new start-up called Skribit which was featured on TechCrunch a few months back.

How does it work?

Well they sum it up best so and I quote: “Skribit cures writer’s block

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Practical Strategies for retaining your customers

Recently Integrati Marketing have been in discussions with Adam Ramshaw from Genroe about the importance of looking after your existing customers in these difficult economic times. Customer loyalty is a fundamental driver of profitability and importantly it does not matter what size your business is. All businesses can implement strategies to improve customer satisfaction. And given the experience of 2009 with the Global Financial Crisis for everyone in business this guest post from Genroe should be of interest to your business. So, for 2010, think how implementing some of Adam’s customer experience strategies in the article below may help your businesses.

Guest Post by Adam Ramshaw from Genroe, customer experience consulting.

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10 website tips and tweaks for your website in 2010

Ten things to improve and maintain your website for 2010

Get found by search engines with these tips from Integrati  Marketing

With the recent build of our new site and also working on site audits and site builds for our customers we had created a few ‘to-do’ lists. Simple but easy ways to remember as we go with the site build to add extra bits of value to a site which can often in the rush to build the site, either be overlooked, missed, or well just forgotten.

What is interesting also, is that whilst many of these tips may seem obvious to experts or sound like ‘specialist’ tips they actually are not. It is more like a bit of housekeeping and looking to keep you site in order. You can also be really surprised about extraordinarily expensive sites and companies that don’t even follow some of these tips themselves. Also, everything Integrati Marketing recommends we pretty much have live, underway or are testing.

We have not put these top ten suggestions into any particular order. You can use it like a ‘check list’ if you wish, we do with our sites. The idea is to take a moment and when you catch a breath have a look at your website and check, “how up-to-date is my site and do I have all the top 10 covered?”

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Integrated Marketing 2010 to 2020 why the movie business knows it has to change their marketing approach now!

Why the USA Movie Business knows it has to change their Marketing now!

Insights kindly shared by Stradella Road and with their research Moviegoers 2010

Recently I was totally enamoured with a latest release from our friends across the Pacific puddle in the USA. It was for the movie Avatar. Right now I think it would be highly unlikely that there are many people in Australia that have not seen or heard about Avatar.

Well, what I really found interesting about this movie was how much of it I became aware of, read and learned online. Which pretty much made me want to go and see Avatar six months before it was released. On the day of release my we went at our local beautifully air conditioned IMAX and saw Avatar in all its 3D glory. Also, we very gladly escaped the summer heat.

The whole experience was outstanding. But what was really interesting was the buzz building online in blogs, Twitter and email after email from friends and colleagues talking about the movie months before it was even out. Now I know that Avatar is not a standard Hollywood film – it is of course in the tradition of a great action love story that the Yank’s do so well!

But it also showed a shift in movie marketing strategy and a far more integrated piece of marketing work than I had ever seen before – it was brilliantly crafted.

Well, I also recently was able to receive some research from Stradella Road in the USA which was a piece of research that demonstrates the importance of integrated marketing and the effective use of Social Networks to build great positive word of mouth.

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