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Is my business losing traffic without a holding page?

Why having a great holding page for your new website is key! Read on…

Over the last week the Integrati team have been flat-out working on the new Integrati Marketing site. As part of the process of building a new site on a fresh Domain or website name such as; has been registered for the new site. A great way of showing the world and to start to being ‘found’ by internet search engines is to have a ‘holding page’ on your new web website or Domain Name.

A holding page does essentially, “what it says on the tin”, it lets you create a soft launch of the new site by creating a single web page. This allows for ‘good things to happen’ like being found by search engine bots, robots or more correctly web crawlers. This helps your new ‘get found’ as when a web crawler finds your site it means your on your way to start page ranking in Search Engines (SE) for your site.

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Did you know?

We all know that the internet and the access to local, regional, national and international audiences is simply unprecedented at such a low-cost.

In fact, we are living in revolutionary times with old media like newspapers in terminal decline and commercial Free to Air TV such as Channel Nine, Channel Ten and Channel 7 in Australia having to write off billions in equity. Commercial TV is suffering from a literal loss of eyeballs! You see, the less people sit and watch the less effective TV advertising becomes and of course this is noted by the Advertisers, marketers, and advertising specialists that are sending more and more advertising to the web.

Also, we are living in exponential times. The internet is a perfect example of this theory in action as well as China!

Now for some fast facts from “Did you Know? 3.0 Rome 2008”

  • China is on track to be the number 1 English-speaking country in the world
  • The US Department of labor estimates that today’s learner will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38
  • 1 in 4 workers has been with their employer less than a year
  • 1 in 8 US couples married in 2007 met online
  • There are 31 BILLION searches on Google every month! (B.G. where did we search Before.Google.?)

These are just some of the facts that will help you to remember the pace of change and the speed at which technology is evolving is simply awesome.

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How to write a great brief? The top 6 things to include in a marketing brief

Writing a good marketing brief is an art not a science, but process helps!

brief writing

It has been said that a brief should be exactly that – brief. This in my past experience normally comes from Advertising professionals who are always focused on the “Big Idea” and are time poor. That works well for agency’s with clients that have worked together long enough to know the brand and how to deliver that single creative proposition. but it may not be ideal for enterprise and small business who may not have that deep relationship which some corporates and national and international agency’s share.

But what do you need to do when you a smaller business and you have a million ideas and are looking to start work with a new agency, designer, web developer and internet marketer to create you a great campaign, website or promotion? Well, like any business you can have a million ideas but you most probably will not have the funds to pay for them all! So, a brief is a great way for you, the client, to focus on what you really need and can afford to invest.

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So what is an RTB anyway?

What is with those acronyms or three letter acronyms in marketing?

I have been working in marketing and Advertising for over 12 years now and along the way I have picked up some very bad habits.

I have to be honest with you and come clean about one of my worst habits. At first it was a conscious decision to use them when I was first learning about Marketing, but now it seems to be second nature. It is the art of the acronym or a better description, those damn Three Letter Acronyms (TLA’s)!

Wordle: RTB

Recently I have been working with an excellent designer who is up and coming and really skilled in web design and coding. As part of my process of communicating what I wanted in the site I created a briefing document and some supporting documents which are how I want the site to look like wire frames and site requirements.

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